Frequently Asked Questions – TOMCAT

What level of physical fitness is required?
TOMCAT is a rather active boat, which requires a good sense of balance, endurance and flexibility to be able to maneuver on the trampoline.  You should be able to squat, crouch, kneel and crawl.

What is the minimum age?
All participants must be 15 years or older in order to sail TOMCAT.

Where should I check in?
Pier 39, Gate B (behind the aquarium). The gate will be locked and a crew will greet you there. We appreciate your patience and will not leave you behind.

What should I wear?
Please wear thin socks and athletic clothes (yoga pants, long johns, sweats, long sleeve top, ect.) for maximum comfort and maneuverability under the dry suit (provided). Running or tennis shoes are necessary ***shoes WILL GET WET*** so bring a spare pair of shoes and a change of clothes for afterwards.

Do you have storage for my bags?
Yes, we have limited dry storage on the dock, but not aboard the boat.

Are there any reasons you might cancel my charter?
We may cancel a charter due to hazardous weather conditions, unexpected boat repair, or less than 3 guests confirmed on the charter. We will make every effort to re-schedule your reservation for a date and time that is most convenient for you or issue a full refund.

What is the minimum number of guests?
3 guests is our minimum in order to sail.

What is the best time of day to sail?
The morning is best sailing conditions for TOMCAT.

What if it rains?
You’ll be wearing our dry suits which will keep you and your clothes nice and dry.

Do you provide food & beverage?
No.  TOMCAT is an extreme sailing experience that leaves no time for eating or drinking while under way.

What are the restroom facilities?
TOMCAT does not have a restroom aboard. Before we depart our crew will show you where the restrooms are on Pier 39. Event duration is approximately 2.5 hours long.

What is customary gratuity?
Thank you for considering leaving a tip for the crew. All staff are authorized to accept gratuity on behalf of the crew for your sail. 10-15% is customary and greatly appreciated for a job well done.