Sailing San Francisco Bay Aboard USA 76


Will I get seasick?
No. USA 76 is a very stable yacht. It is designed to cut through waves rather than ride up and over them.

Can I participate?
Yes! USA 76 is the most hands on sailing experience available on San Francisco Bay. We actively involve you in sailing the yacht including taking the helm and working the sail trim controls know as coffee grinders. There is no requirement to participate if you would prefer to sit back and take it all in.

What level of physical fitness is required?
Good balance is the most important fitness requirement. We have hosted guests all ages between 5 and 85. You will need to climb a few steps to board the yacht. Once sails are hoisted, the yacht will lean as much as 30 degrees. During maneuvers you will need to move unassisted from one side of the yacht to the other.

What is the minimum age?
Guests must be 5 years old. Child tickets are available for those aged 5-12. All participants under 18 years old require a signature from a parent or guardian.

Where should I check in?
Pier 39, Gate B (behind the aquarium). The gate will be locked and a crew will greet you there. We appreciate your patience and will not leave you behind.

What should I wear?
Dress comfortably and in layers. Long pants, closed-toe shoes (no high-heels) and a jacket.

Do you have storage for my bags?
Yes, we have dry storage down below deck. We will keep your bags here during the sail. We also have secure storage on the dock if you need to store luggage.

Are there any reasons you might cancel my charter?
Our crew makes sure the weather is safe to sail, and typically never cancel due to weather. We only cancel if we do not meet the minimum number of guests, giving you a 48 hour notice of such an event.

What is the minimum number of guests?
8 guests is our minimum. Since the yacht is so large, it does take a handful of willing people to help us sail.

When is the best time of year to sail?
We are lucky to be able to sail year-round. Each season is different for example the winds are strongest in the summer but the sun shines the brightest in fall. Consider purchasing an annual crew pass to experience USA 76 under all conditions.

What is the best time of day to sail?
Late morning through early afternoon is best. In the summertime, this catches the ramp before it gets too windy. Wind strength in the spring, fall, and winter is less dependent on the time of day.

What if it rains?
We have foul weather gear available for all guests to wear in the event of inclement weather.

What if there is no wind?
On the few days per year when the wind doesn’t cooperate, we gladly offer everyone aboard a free wind check to join us for another sail.

Do you provide food & beverage?
We provide energy bars and bottled water for all guests during the experience. You are welcome to bring additional snacks and beverages. Keep in mind that this is a racing yacht and therefore an active experience. Full picnics are best saved for after your sail.

What are the restroom facilities?
USA 76 does not have a restroom aboard. Before we depart our crew will show you where the restrooms are on Pier 39. Charters are approximately 2.5 hours long

What is customary gratuity?
Thank you for considering leaving a tip for the crew. All staff are authorized to accept gratuity on behalf of the crew for your sail. 15% is customary and greatly appreciated for a job well done..

Will we fly the spinnaker?
No. The Coast Guard has given us a maximum sail area for safety reasons, and it far exceeds that limit. USA 76 is actually most impressive and optimized for sailing upwind.