Honoring All Who Served

Today we pay tribute to America’s Veterans.  We are especially proud to have three Veterans on the USA 76 crew. Today we would like to draw attention to the service of crew member Josh Aguilar who recently had his Army Retirement Ceremony on October 18.


Josh enlisted in the Army and began Infantry basic training on January 10, 2000. Upon completion, he received orders to the prestigious 101st Airborne Division in Fort Cambell, KY. Josh wanted to be assigned to the 1st Brigade, the same brigade that once fought back the German forces at Bastogne. On June 13, 2000, he got his wish and was assigned to Bravo Company, 1st of the 327th Infantry Regiment. A five year enlistment became an eleven year career in the 101st where he earned an Air Assault Badge, an Expert Infantryman Badge, completed three combat deployments to Iraq (totaling 39 months in a combat zone), and was awarded the coveted Combat Infantryman’s Badge.

Highlights of Josh’s career include being personally selected by his command to lead an escort mission for the staff of the United States Ambassador to Iraq in Kirkuk Province, a highly visible and sensitive mission. He was chosen to represent the 101st and escort the remains and personal effects of fallen Soldiers, conducting every aspect of this difficult duty with dignity and respect. He led his squad in over 300 successful combat missions and numerous times was selected to serve as platoon sergeant in the combat environment. He was also selected to lead over 50 combat missions as the point squad leader, a crucial and highly dangerous responsibility.

Josh remains a vocal advocate for Veteran’s issues. He is also studies architecture at City College San Francisco when he is not on the water with us. The team at ACsailingSF is thankful for the service of all our Veterans today.