Sailing in the Rain

It may not be drought busting rain but our Bay Area hills are finally turning green again. We often get asked if we sail in the rain and without a doubt the answer is yes! Believe it or not, some of our most memorable sails have been in the rain. One USA 76 sailing adventure that sticks out in my memory was a wet November day with strong breeze and the Golden Gate Bridge stunningly framed by a full rainbow. We caught some of the action on video:

Most of our precipitation will typically fall between December and February. Keep in mind that forecasts are for the region rather than the specific points where we sail. In other words if the forecast calls for 40% chance of rain, there is a 40% chance rain will fall somewhere in the region but a much lower chance that it will fall on our heads. The tall hills surrounding San Francisco Bay are very effective at pulling the moisture out of the clouds and these hills receive far more precipitation than we ever see on the Bay.

The most important benefit of rain clouds is the wind they bring with them. In the late summer our winds are driven by the cool air from the ocean sweeping in to replace the rising hot air of the Central Valley. When this gradient disappears the rest of the year, we rely on the rainy low pressure weather systems to draw wind across the Bay.

Guests suited up in full foul weather gear and having a great time.

Guests suited up in full foul weather gear and having a great time.

USA 76 is fully equipped with sailing clothing to keep our guests dry. If needed, we will distribute waterproof pants and a jacket to keep you warm. We will always offer a rain check to anyone that does not want to go out and we have a liberal 48 hour notice, full refund policy.

Don’t let a rainy day scare you away. Sailing in the rain is far better than a sunny day with no wind!

Captain Jon Buser