Extreme Formula 40 Catamaran Sailing

Welcome to Formula 40 Racing!!  We are passionate sailors who love going FAST and having FUN on the water!!

Our highly-skilled professional crew includes World Champions and America’s Cup Winners, and we love sharing our EXPERIENCE.  Our inspiration comes from the power of NATURE and man’s quest to connect and harness the ELEMENTS.

This is an exclusive catamaran sailing experience for those with an adventurous spirit.  We teach your team how to pull the lines, turn the winches, hoist the sails, move around safely, and above all, work as a TEAM, and have a BLAST!!

Call 619 630-6383 or email Warren Allen at warren@acsailingsf.com more information and pricing.

Match Racing with Formula 40 Catamarans

Formula 40 Racing with ACsailingSF is the only high-performance multihull charter available in the World! As our guest, you will get to know TOMCAT and SHADOW, our Formula 40 catamarans, and Liberty, our 27ft Extreme RIB support vessel. These extremely fast yachts have a regal history serving as inspiration for the mammoth foiling catamarans that were used in the 34th and 35th America’s Cup events.

Sail Fast! Have Fun!

In a series of Round Robin races, you and your crew will compete against another team to sail fast and compete for first place. Don’t worry if you are new to catamaran sailing, our professional crew will teach you what you need to know and coach you across the finish line. As soon as both teams are ready to go, it’s race time!

We set up the race course with a starting line and gates, then orchestrate a count-down. Once the gun goes, two teams match-race, one-on-one to the finish. We will run as many matches as possible depending on weather conditions. At the end of each day, we will crown the champions.

Prosail40 TOMCAT Catamaran

ACsailingSF provides:

What your team should bring for catamaran sailing:

It’s time to get out of the office and have some FUN! Join us for the thrill of a lifetime and the most extreme sailing experience in the Bay Area!!

Prosail40 Cat Racing on San Francisco Bay

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